Bringing individuals into Leadership   //   Empowering Artists

Program Description
Our mentorship program is a rigorous three month program designed to empower artists to transform areas of their lives. Each mentor is paired with a mentee and trained to empower and guide their mentee on a weekly call for three months to accomplish goals in various areas of life, including, leadership and dance.

The Diggs Deeper mentorship program provides personal development training and coaching to it’s mentors and mentees offering guidance to artists and advocates for the advancement of social change through the power of arts, all while honoring street dance culture. Our mentor program creates powerful relationships that benefits artists and communities around the world – a life enriching experience.

Diggs Deeper Vision
Diggs Deeper programs offer a therapeutic and healthy level of self-expression, which offers relief in underprivileged communities and creates positive environments for our youth and adults. There is a need to create hope and community in our nation now more than ever. Art is grossly underestimated in its effects, as it has always been proven to heal and transform individuals, communities and our society in positive ways. Diggs Deeper is for the individual and the community and continues to birth a society of freedom; a network of artists and community members that are creating a platform for voices to be free, to be heard and accepted, connecting generations of cultures, creating the space for the future leaders to step forward with integrity and support. Diggs Deeper fuses the past and the present to create a brighter future.


Accepting MENTOR and MENTEE Applications for our next session – TBD