Founded in July of 2013, Diggs Deeper has paved a new path for intimate events. Diggs Deeper creates an environment that is both authentically raw, intimate, and professional. It fuses cultures and leaves people feeling reminded of purpose and acknowledgment.

Our organization was conceived in LA, but is now currently functioning as 17 different events, including 4 Future Diggs Deepers. The organization averages approximately 60 events a year, spanning across 2 continents and 13 cities, as well as an Anniversary “Edu-bration” and an annual 3 month mentorship program. Diggs Deeper also continues to thrive for expansive social impact through both conversation and action.

The events are typically in a low lighting setting. Diggs Deeper holds an intimate space for freestylers to come and share one by one, as well as have a discussion with a local pioneer.

One signature trait of Diggs Deeper is there no video is allowed which creates a very beautiful space for artists to express their inner dialogue; struggles and breakthroughs.

Diggs Deeper empowers artists to source their work from a truer, deeper part of themselves, it crosses over boundaries, cultures and concepts, and is building a family of thousands through events, conferences, panels, education and inspiration.